Rules & Regulations

To keep you and your fellow Undie’s safe, we have some rules. Apart from keeping you safe, we also have to meet all kinds of local rules and regulations to organize this event. You cannot just drive through any country with a group of cars. Some countries require us to apply for permits to drive through their country. Most rally or road trip organizers just go and don’t apply for any of these permits, which means their events are illegal in some countries. As long as there are no accidents, they often get away with this. But we are a professional company and play by the rules. So therefore, we have a stricter set of rules for our events. But we promise you: it won’t limit your amount of fun!

Here is a selection of the most important rules. These are not all. At the end of this page you will find the full document in PDF with all rules and regulations in it. When you sign up for the Undie 500, you automatically agree with the rules and regulations. No later than 1st of June, you must sign the document digitally as well, for which you will receive an invitation by e-mail.

The Car
• Minimum 20 years old
• Maximum value of 500 Euro’s / Pounds
• A valid MOT/APK/TüV (depending on the country of registration)
• Third-party/liability-insurance
• Passenger insurance
• Written confirmation of the insurance company in which they approve participation in the Undie 500
• The car has to meet all technical laws and regulations and must be approved by the road/traffic authority in your country as road legal.
• GVW max. 3.500 kg
• No trailers, caravans, etc.

• Minimum 18 years old
• Hold a valid driver’s license
• Don’t drink and drive
• Have at least one extra team member (minimum 2 people per car)
• Are willing to help fellow Undie participants when their car breaks down (if you don’t have any technical knowledge, your mental support is also appreciated)

• No refunds in case of cancellation (get a proper travel insurance incl. cancellation coverage).
• Tickets are registered in your name and cannot be sold and/or transferred to other people

• No speeding
• No violation of any traffic laws
• The organizers of this event can never be held responsible and/or liable for any damages you cause and/or incur
• If your car breaks down, the organizers of the event will not provide you with any technical and/or towing services (but your fellow Undie participants will).

You can download the full Rules & Regulations document HERE IN PDF.