10 countries in 5 days

The route in a nutshell: Stunning scenery, the best driving roads, and unique places. You will start your journey in Belgium. But before you reach the finish line in South-East Germany after 5 days, you have driven through 10 different countries:
– Belgium
– Luxemburg
– France
– Germany
– Switzerland
– Liechtenstein
– Austria
– Italy
– Slovenia
– Czech Republic

There are 5 finish locations along the route, which are the end of the daily stages of this rally. The exact addresses of these locations will be provided only to participants. You will receive this information in the road book, that you will receive latest 6 weeks before the start.

What kind of roads can I expect?
The best driving roads Europe has to offer. You do drive short stretches of highway every now and then, but this will be very limited. We will show you routes you’ve never seen before and will blow you away! The roads will be paved, but every now and then you can expect some gravel roads too. But nothing so rough that you need a 4×4, your banger will easily make it!