Privacy Statement

Undie 500 respects your privacy rights. In this statement you can read what we are doing with your personal information.

Who we are
Undie 500 is an event organized by:
CRUM eventravel
Siebrandsweg 5
7812 BB Emmen
The Netherlands

Who you are
You are the one visiting our website You are the one buying tickets for the Undie 500 event or the one sending us an e-mail.

Personal information storage and processing within this website
We do not store any personal information in this website. This website does not use accounts, profiles, or any form of a login area. This website does not contain an online shop and no payments can be made within this website. We outsource the ticket sales and processing through the Eventix platform.

This website does not use cookies.

Personal information storage and processing within our company
If you buy a ticket for the Undie 500 event we store and process personal information that we need from you. These are:
– Full name
– Address, postcode, city, country
– E-mail address
– Date of Birth
– Cellphone number
A ticket can be a ticket for a team. We need the information above from all team members, that is all persons participating in the event.

Use of your personal information
We do not sell or provide your personal information to other parties outside of our company for marketing purposes. Your personal information is only visible to CRUM eventravel employees that use it to organize the event. The only parties outside of CRUM eventravel that can see your personal information are foreign authorities that need your information to be able to grant CRUM eventravel the necessary permits. This is only provided to authorities that grant us permits that are necessary to spend the night in certain locations in the event, or drive through certain countries for which we need permits. CRUM eventravel will send you e-mails when you signed up for an event. Up until the date of the event, you cannot unsubscribe from these e-mails as they contain essential information about the event that CRUM eventravel must inform you about by law. After the event you can unsubscribe from our e-mails as they do not contain essential information about the event anymore that you have signed up for.