Undie 500 is the coolest international Banger Rally!

Buy an old banger for under 500 Euros/Pounds. Theme your team and show up at the start in your most original outfits and a car to match. Drive through many different countries in 5 days together with hundreds of other people that don’t take life too seriously. You will see Europe from a diferent point of view. Spectacular roads and unique places you’ve never seen before.

The Challenge
The Challenge is to drive 2.500 kilometres, through several countries in 5 days. Not in a normal, reliable car, but in an old banger. The Undie 500 is not about speed and/or time. It is about stepping out of your comfort zone, having fun, and driving the road trip of a lifetime!

We will take you out of your comfort zone by giving you challenges every day that will get you into awkward situations you will never forget. With these assignments you can earn points. And the team with the most points at the end of the week wins the Undie 500.

The driving is also challenging. We have made the most beautiful routes for you. These routes go way off the beaten track and will take you places you’ve never seen before. We will avoid highways as much as possible and let you drive challenging roads with fantastic views instead.

What is Unique about the Undie 500?

There are lots of banger rally’s in Europe, but they all have one thing in common: they focus on one crowd from one country. It’s either British participants only, or Dutch people only. In the Undie 500 we want to mix different nationalities in one event to make the experience even better. You will meet likeminded weirdos from all over Europe that joined the Undie Cult! Also the Undie 500 offers a unique camping experience you’ve never experienced before with lots of action and entertainment.

The Car
Make sure your car is at least 20 years old and that the current market value is under 500 Pounds or Euro’s. Your team has to be themed and of course your car has to match this theme. Pimp it as you like, as long as your car meets all the technical rules and regulations. The car must have a valid MOT/APK/TüV (depending on the country of registration). The car must be insured, at least third-party/liability insurance and passenger insurance. And very important: your insurance broker or insurance company must confirm to you in writing that they are ok with your participation in the Undie 500 event.

The route
The route in a nutshell: Stunning scenery, the best driving roads, and unique places. And of course we will never drive the same route twice. Click ROUTE to see where the next edition of the Undie 500 is going.

When is it?
The 2nd edition of the Undie 500 was supposed to be driven in June 2020. But unfortunately this edition had to be postponed to 2021 due to the Corona crisis.
The new date is: 14th until the 18th of June 2021.

Who can join?
If you kept on reading this far, and you are still interested, you are probably the right person to join the Undie 500. Just make sure, that on the start date of the event, you are at least 18 years old and hold a valid driver’s license.

What’s the cost?
Team ticket: € 399,- (1 car incl. 2 persons)
Extra people: € 39,- per person
Campsite: € 49,- per person (5 nights)
For this you get:
• Road book (4 weeks before the event)
• 2 door stickers with your team number on it
• 1 window sticker
• 2 rally shields
• 1 RFID-sticker (for check-in purposes)
• The Road Trip of a Lifetime!

How do I join?
Click on “Sign up now!” on this website and buy the ticket.

What can I win?
You can win a car!
If you succeed at the challenges and assignments, you will be rewarded. The team with the most points wins the Undie 500. The prizes are as follows:

1st Prize: A real car
+ a free ticket for Undie 500 edition 2021
2nd Prize: A toy car
+ a free ticket for Undie 500 edition 2021
3rd Prize: No car
+ a free ticket for Undie 500 edition 2021

What else can I win?
Not only by doing crazy tasks you can win, you can also win prizes based on votes from your fellow Undie 500 participants. The coolest team gets a prize too. So, vote for the coolest themed team, or the team that was the most helpful or nicest to you. Whatever, just vote for your heroes, the coolest team of the Undie 500!

To make sure you don’t show up in a car that is too expensive or too fancy for the Undie 500, everybody can vote on the car that is too expensive too. The “winner” of that award is in for a special surprise.

And there is of course the prize for the hottest chick in the Undie 500. The “Miss Undie 500” award will be given to the lady with the most votes.

The extra awards are:

Coolest team: An Undie 500 tattoo for all team members
+ a free ticket for Undie 500 edition 2021

The car that is too expensive: You can come up with your own return favour on stage during the award ceremony. And if you don’t, the other participants will come up with something for you.

Miss Undie 500: She gets a photoshoot by a professional photographer and will be on the cover of the Undie 500 Magazine that will be released after the event.

The finish location at the end of every day is not just a finish line, it will be an extra experience. There’s food, drinks, music, and a campsite available. So, you cannot just finish every night, you can celebrate your finish with your fellow participants! If you book a campsite pass, you can spend the night at the finish location. A camping pass will cost you 49 Euro’s per person and you get 5 overnights for that. There will be showers, toilets etc. but not in huge quantities, this is a very basic campsite. Don’t expect luxury, but you can expect a party!

Who are you guys?
Click on “Who we are” to find out more about the team behind Undie 500.